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Instructions on setting up for Zoom conferencing & presentation


Instructions for WIFI & network connection


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Audio-Visual support

Instructions on AV set up for Zoom conferencing & presentation


IT support

Instructions for WIFI & network connection, and phone handset usage

Connecting to the WIFI via UNSW

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Mobile phone



Connecting to the WIFI via Eduroam

If you are from Western Sydney University,

Login details:

If you are from University of Wollongong,

Login details:

If you are from other universities and institutes, please visit Eduroam website for more information:

Internet & network connection

via cable

The Institute's internet and network is supported by both the Liverpool Hospital (SWSLHD) and University of New South Wales (UNSW), as part of our partnership. For example, underneath your workstation, you will notice two internet ports, labelled A or B. 


Port A connects to the SWSLHD network, whereas Port B connects to the UNSW network


Both parties have their own network, which requires approval from the network party you wish to access. Please consult with your Ingham Institute supervisor in regards to accessing these networks.

Phone handset instructions





8000-series ​(new)


Polycom SoundStation


Printer support

Multifunction units (printer, scanner and fax where applicable) are located in the printer rooms on each floor of the Institute. There are dedicated printers for each network, thus please check which port (A or B) your computer is connected to. IT support must be contacted for printer connection / setup for your computers.

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For all other printer issues, please contact:


SWSLHD IT support


8738 5888 /


UNSW  IT support


9385 1333 /


Payroll support

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